Monday, March 8, 2010


I've taken to reading recipe blogs and websites in the hopes of finding new and interesting ideas. In doing so I've learned NEVER to read these in the middle of the afternoon when lunch has already been digested and dinner is still a few hours away. Some of these people are so talented in their ability to describe and photograph the steps in the cooking process.
But now on to the subject of the day...Bugles! I just got through reading the latest post on David Lebovitz's site where he talks about "Amnesty cookies", a cookie recipe that uses any leftover snacks you have in your pantry. And his made use of Bugles. I'm sure you remember these pointy corn chips that look like little dunce caps. When I was a kid I loved to play with (and eat) these salty snacks, but I hadn't had them in many, many years. Can you believe I actually found Bugles in Austria? And not only the original Bugles, but also nacho cheese flavored Bugles. Every now and then when I decide to treat myself to something American, I'll pick up a bag of these.
In the process of reading the comments people had posted on Mr. Lebovitz's site (, I discovered something fantastic. Apparently in Belgium people eat Bugles like little ice cream cones, using them to scoop up soft goat cheese. What a wonderful idea - that I have to try. And if anyone else beats me to it, let me know just how good it is. I have the feeling grocery stores in the US will soon discover big gaping holes on the shelves where the Bugles are sold. Enjoy and feel free to share your own Bugles experiences in the comments!


Anonymous said...

When we lived in the Netherlands (1978-79) I was delighted to find Bugles for sale in a department store there. What a reminer of home treat! I think I will go out and buy some today.


P.S. So glad to find a new posting this morning. Does that mean winter is over?

Sasa said...

I don't think I've ever had Bugles but growing up in Japan we had a similar shaped snack - somehow the cone shape makes them taste better - like the way Areo bars taste better since they have holes maybe?

Carolyn said...

I love the nacho cheese Bugles! I hadn't had Bugles in years, but, yes, when you see an American snack over's a must. I have cut down on them bc they are quite calorific! Thanks for the sahne tip! Frohe Frühling!