Friday, August 28, 2009


Today's place of interest is the town of Quentin in Switzerland. If you drive from our place in Vorarlberg towards Zurich (usually done taking someone to the airport in our case), you'll pass the Walensee. This is a beautiful Swiss lake surrounded by mountains and displaying a range of colors from steel gray to turquoise blue, depending on the weather. A nice summer day brings out all the sailboats, and on such a day a couple of years ago we decided to take a ferry ride over to the town of Quentin, a tiny town on the other side of the lake. The "town" of Quentin has a population of only about 60 people, but the tourists come in droves in the summer, mostly to eat at one of the two or three fantastic fish restaurants. Because of Quentin's unique location, it actually has its own special microclimate with lots of sun and beautiful vegetation. There are even vineyards clinging to the mountains, and a glass of Quentin white wine is a must when enjoying a meal of fish and potatoes on the terrace of one of the restaurants. Should you ever make it to Switzerland, make sure you work the Walensee and the town of Quentin into your visit!


Yvette C. said...

How gorgeous! Especially when compared to the drive we have when we take someone to either Houston airport..

Edelweiss Cowgirl said...

I know what you mean, Yvette. The Swiss landscape does offer something a little more interesting when looking out the car window.